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 Web Pics of interest


A couple of minutes more and you can crawl out ------ then write a report please

So you threw a track ------ then what happened

What do you mean ----- you swerved to miss a roo

Watch the right hand shoulder --- its a bit soft.

It's not deep ---- go for it!

Make sure you clean the barrel before you fire it again

Some old photos that have just come to hand


169036 in Vietnam

169041 "The Atomic Tank" at Darwin notice on the drivers side guard, the drop down step.


169041 with the step swung down

169102 on the range at Pucka, appears to be pre Vietnam has the B Barrel but not the .30 cal drilling in the mantlet. Glacis plate appears to not have the up armoured mod fitted


2A area unknown anyone recognise the high building on the left of tank?

169031 "Bewildered"

Early photo while she still had an A barrel. She is now holding ground at the entrance to Puckapunyal with a 105 barrel fitted.

"B" Sqn early photo on the  range  at Pucka

"Bewitched" ARN unknown

Note the 100 gallon tank on rear but still with A Barrel

"Corunna" on Pucka range ARN unknown

Early tests, about late 1940's in England , to see if the rear tank would result in fire when engaged with a .50 cal

The fifty can be seen on the top left of photo

They parked the tank at the bottom of the concrete wall with motor running and blasted away with "Fifties" from the top.

Some fires were started but overall it was considered that in most cases the fuel would not catch fire. The tanks were standard 44 gallon drums.

Troops getting a ride on the Bridge Layer -- Vietnam

I think this is "Milo Bill" passing out a drink in Vietnam

A full turnout of the Regiment

Unknown Cent in Vietnam. Notice the lower road wheel under the driver.

 The original setup blocked the driver view when closed down, on some they repositioned the spare, as in this case, on others they just removed it


Another unknown Cent in Vietnam

Note the missing smoke dischargers and neat sign writing on barrel

Early shot of Regiment tanks at Puckapunyal

Note the ARN on the glacis plate AND the English number as well. This is how they arrived , with the ARN  being the only addition added at that time.

Front tank is 169055

Centurions still to be located

Tim Virbert has just supplied some information on the tanks I have yet to locate

The three Grollo tanks, while I knew one belonged to the Vietnam Veterans Museum 169016, and knew the owners of the other two I only knew one number. I now have the ARN or both these tanks, 169104 and 169128.

There were three sold to a group named Cheshire Wang, 169013, 169085 and 169096. I would imagine I can locate these people or if they no longer have them maybe info on their fate.

169065 went to Cherlor Drilling. 169022 went to W.A. I knew there was one there but did not know the owners name or the ARN.

169057 is still held by Tim. 169066 and 169084 both went to Pucka and most likely ended up on the range.

169087 and 169093 both went to private owners. 169118 is a bare hull still held by Tim. 169136 an original Mk 3 is the Hong Kong tank still held by Tim

So at this point of time they have all been located. My last venture will be to photograph as many as I can. I hold out good hopes of seeing the seven I need to to finish my search