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As seen in the last page, Brenton sent some more photos and she was definitely a New Zealand Centurion


"Scopio  Africanus" Another New Zealand Centurion

Note all of the above have an A Barrel

While "Assassin" - Has a B Barrel

This one shows her ARN -- T352176, in this case painted on the bottom of the Turret

169072 being moved from the Armoured Centre Parade Ground. This was when it was to be used in the photo shoot for the front page of Ironsides 2006 , The Journal of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps.

 See below

The front page showing the Abrams, Leopard and the Centurion

A day at the Military display at Cowra, a 2 pounder mounted on a Bren Gun Carrier

Rear view of some carriers

A bit of a dusty drive

Over the creek crossing

A road run of carriers

More Bren Gun Carriers


With all these Bren Gun Carriers here I decided to call in and see a really nice guy that I met a few years ago.

Bill was looking for a Grant hull as he had all the bits, including a fully reconditioned motor for one. As luck would have it I did know where one was up in Qld and in time Bill was able to buy it.

This belonged to Glen Griffen in Qld and as can be seen there is no gun on her, she has been converted to an ARV with a winch fitted

The tracks and suspension units were U/S as were the tracks The interior was also gutted with no motors or transmission

Bill has now fitted a gun

The side door has been remade

Note the mounting for the twin .30 cals. These were controlled by the driver, but as he tended to turn the tank when firing it was then transferred to the Crew Commander. The driver then did his correct job --- drive.

New suspension units have been fitted as have new road wheels

A lot of work has been done on the rear. Unfortunately a lot of work does not show just how much in a photo.


A couple of the  old suspension stations

The Grant dash being remade.

Bill's, General Chaffee M24 Light Tank

Also in need of some road wheels and tracks. Bill is looking for two motors and transmission.

There are thought to be 9 somewhere out here


A nice Arty piece

Bill's very nice LP1 Bren gun carrier

A beautiful water cooled Vickers

Rear or the Vickers -- Note the view slits with the drop down sheilds

Shown from another angle

The LP1 had a stick steering where as the later LP2 had a steering wheel

The dash is straight from a civilian vehicle

Gear shift -- seating left a bit to be desired

The old tried and trusted Ford V8 flathead


The tarp even has the correct stencil on it

One of the side bins with original items in there place

A close up of the items


All the original items are there

The bottom side bin has the lot as well including a great coat, water bottle and tin hat.


Even down to an original jack

In this shed was a Saladin (without guards) which I did not recognize, (I drove one a couple of weeks ago but this one, sans guards, looked quite different)

Then in front of it was a M3 A1 Stuart light tank and in front of that a Ferret scout car


Anyone know what this transfer case is out of???

An ASLAV hitting the mud at Puckapunyal -- A lot of fun!

Just thought I would throw this one in.