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Tpr. Brenton Shevlin's --- SALADIN

Brenton as seen in the last section has just brought the Saladin from South Australia. She looks nice and apart from a hydraulic leak which stuffed the steering a bit it is pretty sound. That has now been fixed  and the shots below were taken yesterday giving her a good run to see how it would handle a trip into Seymour, for fuel and then a drive out to Puckapunyal, where it will be stored. Hopefully I will be driving, depending on my health, but all going well its on in about a week.

Ready to go

Looks good from all angles

She has a bit of speed up here on the turn

Approaching the knife edges

Up the knife edge

About to come down

Looking nice

The Saladin is stored at the moment at Ron Fry's property near Seymour. Ron has a great collection and also a lot of items in his yard --- waiting for restoration. Below is his gate guard a Valentine with a 6 pound gun, but it only need some electric and cable connections to be a runner which will soon be done this year.

The Valentine sure looks good

Looks good from any angle

Nice to have a Wrecker on site and especially one as nice as this

Ron's very nice Canadian Ford Lynx

Some Grants in various stages

A few Matilda  hulls

Another view of the Matilda's

Front on shot of a Matilda hull


Its nice to have plenty of spares stored around the place

This appears to be a pretty complete Bren Gun Carrier

There are plenty to choose from in the yard!


A pretty nice Grant

Churchill Gun tank converted to a recovery vehicle. All the original controls are just raised

Another angle on the Churchill

Rear view

There are spares all over the place

Stuff here that people would sell their soul for!

So many different items that a collector would love

Some stuff not that old either

A few turrets are always handy

Want a few Jerry cans?

Ron has sheds full of spares

A complete Bren under a carport

There is $50 worth of fuel and that is just to make sure we get out to Puckapunyal


Ready to go note the Fairlane with a very nice front end

Moving off

Being my first drive in a Saladin it took about 15 minutes to get to Puckapunyal where we created a bit of interest as there was a parade of 1960 National Service people there, quite a few hundred I would imagine and many camera's were turned in our direction. Then it was up to Brendon's barracks and she was parked in the car park